"I am so happy with the sale of the house.  The price was wonderful...  You were absolutely amazing! You went way beyond what most Realtors would do for their clients.  I really appreciate all your help and won't hesitate to recommend you to any friends who decide to sell their homes.  I can't thank you enough."

Ann S

"We were lucky enough to have Colleen Frasco guide us through two transactions a few months ago.  We told Colleen that we were ready to move and THE NEXT DAY she found the perfect place for us.  She guided us through the tricky process of making a competitive, clean offer so that we were able to win the bid despite multiple competing offers.   

As we then needed to sell the unit we had occupied for 25 years, several things needed updating.  Colleen identified areas which could be improved, then got to work herself.  Because we needed assistance, Colleen selected new vanities, light fixtures and tile.  She then hired and supervised a plumber, a tile-setter and a painter.  (Her husband even drove to East Bay to pick up the tile!)  She had a gardener spruce up the front yard and hired her own housekeeper for a final cleaning before bringing in a stager.  Within a few days, we had several offers at and above our asking price.  There is no question that Colleen's experience and willingness to do hard work made a huge difference in terms of both the price we got and the ease with which we sold our unit."

Lisa and Gary S 

“We just want to thank you for all your help over the past 6 months.  We never realized how little we knew about the world until we came first time home buyers.  That said your knowledge, patience, and support was just what we needed to navigate us through the process...  We are thrilled to be in San Anselmo and feel it will be the right home for our growing family.  Thank you!”

Jeremy and Katie P 

My husband and I found a house in Sonoma we were interested in.  It just so happened at the same time we were having some family issues to deal with.  I was feeling completely overwhelmed and reached out to Colleen.  She came in and saved the day!  Our offer was approved 2 days later.  We had inspections to do.  She was at every one and was there when we couldn't make it.  She knew what she was talking about and asked great questions.  Colleen's communication skills were excellent.  She answered all our questions and if she didn't have the answer she found it.  She communicated our wishes to the seller which allowed the entire process to flow in a much more timely fashion.   i definitely felt that we were in great hands.  She helped us navigate the loan process and was in constant contact the the bank and the title company to make sure everything was on schedule.  We have been in about a month and I still call her for questions!  She is always there to help us and give advice.  We would definitely recommend   Colleen to anyone!

JoAnne S 

 "Colleen is a superb realtor. My wife and I just bought our first home. With two young kids and two full time jobs, we had very limited time to navigate the process. Colleen was positively essential, helping us to identify the important issues and finesse the negotiations. She was exceptionally flexible in meeting us around our challenging schedules. In the surreal game of buying a home in the Marin marketplace, Colleen was a tireless and wise advocate for our interests. I would and will recommend her highly to anyone looking to buy a home in this area."

"Theodore and Lena R

"Colleen Frasco is a miracle worker!  She got us through three escrows (two failed-no fault of hers) and made it to the finish line in this house that was sweet enough, but the surrounding area filled with challenges. I couldn't have done it without her!"

Margaret J

"When it came time to sell my mother's house, I felt that it would be wise to use an agent who was local and familiar with the area. This is even more important in an area like Greenbrae, which has its own mystique. We called several agents, and Colleen Frasco, who lives nearby, came to the house to met with us. We all agreed to have Colleen as agent.

 We agreed that no major changes would be made to the house, since a new owner would want to make changes of their own. But, the house was probably a bit "tired". A lot of "cleanup" was done to show the many desirable features of the house.  Colleen stayed on top of this with advice and examples. She was a great help in recommending trades people and contractors. Yes, she ordered the dumpsters. On days when I could not be there, she opened up the house as needed for the trades people. 

There were some technicalities  which could have made the sale problematic. Colleen pointed these out, and they were corrected. In the end, the house "sparkled". We spent more than we had planned, but it was money well spent. We got a good price.

The actual sale, closing and all the paperwork, went smoothly and without trauma. Colleen had everything arranged.   I have no hesitation to recommend Colleen Frasco as a most helpful and competent real estate agent."

 Karl P 

"My wife and I had the pleasure to work with Colleen to purchase a home in Marin. Colleen was, by far, the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. She is very knowledgeable about the market in Marin, provides helpful guidance throughout the home buying process and is simply a wonderful person. My family and I enjoyed getting to know her and found a home that is perfect for our family. I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone buying or selling a home in Marin."

Kurt and Kim H 

"Thanks Colleen--we are really excited about our house--so excited. Thanks a million for all your help and guidance-you rock the house (pun intended)!!"

Satish and Urmila P 

"My husband and I recently engaged Colleen to help us buy our first home. She was extremely patient with us - met with us several time and kept us posted of listings and open homes in the school district that we wanted to buy in. We visited a few homes together and she was always mindful of our feedback and showed us home that fit our lifestyle. There were two incidents where my husband and I were very eager to put an offer on a house we thought we would love and rather than encouraging us to, she gently shared her perspective with us and persuaded us not to. In hindsight, I'm glad she did because we ended up with the perfect house that met all the criteria we gave her and within our price range. In fact, the house we bought was even better than what we asked for and within our price range. There were definitely some hiccups in the buying process that were 100% out of our control and she took the grunt of the stress and made sure to handle everything and always keep us up to date. Throughout the process, I knew she was ready to go through whatever was needed to make sure everything was taken care of and in the end it all worked out perfectly! We always knew she was on our side and when all was done, she remain available to help with other tid bits here and there. I will forever be grateful for the amazing service she provided to us and highly recommend her to anyone looking into buying a house."

Christina and Tomas D 

"It is our pleasure to refer our friends to you for a couple of reasons. First, we want our friends up here and we know they are in good hands with you, and second, because we were so pleased with our interaction with you!"

Peg and Rob H 

"When we decided to move, we were just sure that selling our house would be too difficult and we would end up having to rent it out. A house down the street from us was up for sale, so we kept an eye on it. I told my husband that if that house sold for asking price, we were calling the agent, Colleen Frasco, right away and putting our house up for sale. Well, a few weeks later we got a postcard from FH Allen saying the house had been sold. From our first contact with Colleen, she was extremely professional, always accessible, well-informed and just a really nice person. Selling a house can be very stressful, but Colleen kept reminding us that everything would work out just right, and it did. Our house incredibly sold over asking, with offers coming in as almost as soon as it was listed. After closing, Colleen continues to check in on us, offered to check in on the house when the cleaners leave, and left a sweet little parting gift in our mailbox for us and our son. We could not recommend her more!"

Daisy and AJ D 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work and great help. You went above and beyond to hold my hand through it all. I could never have done this without you. You made it so painless...."

Nancy C 

"Before we met Colleen, we had been thinking about a move to Marin County for quite a while. As a result, we had been to dozens of open houses, and were in contact with 7 or 8 realtors, all of whom of course knew we were considering a move to their area. In the few months leading up to the period when we needed to select a single realtor to work with, it became increasingly clear that Colleen was by far the best choice. She truly took a personal interest in our move, sending me regular updates with helpful information, providing great insights on several properties, and generally displaying a detailed knowledge of every community and neighborhood in the area. In this sense, Colleen is the real thing . . . she does not, like some others, only begin to care about you after you've made it clear you will be working with her. Her interest in people moving into her community is genuine, and it shows in every facet of her work. Once we had decided to work with Colleen, we were very glad we did. She tirelessly took us to see several houses, and was extremely helpful in arranging and recommending contractors for all the necessary inspections. With her guidance, the bidding process and closing were smooth and simple. We moved in over two years ago, and Colleen still checks in on us often, showing the same care and concern that she did the first time we met her. For anyone considering a move to Marin, you will never be in better hands than Colleen's."

Jim and Yumi Mc 

"My husband and I recently worked with Colleen Frasco, who assisted us in selling our beautiful house located at in Novato. We are very thankful to Colleen for her endless hours of work. She definitely went above and beyond the call of duty, and we are grateful for her help. We noticed that Colleen is extremely professional and honest in all her dealings. This was very important to us, as we wanted to take care to be certain that the environmental and neighbor disclosures were disclosed properly. Colleen helped us to be very thorough in the disclosure process. This was helpful to us, given that we wanted to be honest and forthright in presenting the facts to potential buyers. In addition, Colleen gave us excellent advice on setting a sale price. Indeed, we were able to sell the house for full price. Also, Colleen's advice on staging and improving our backyard was spot-on. We are convinced that her expertise aided us in selling our house quickly and for a fair price. We would recommend Colleen to anyone as a top-notch realtor who takes ownership over her work, settling for nothing less than excellence."

Jonathan and Elizabeth R 

"We have been thinking back about our experience with you and the sale of our beautiful home in Mill Valley. We wanted to share some of our feelings concerning how it all transpired. First of all, we cannot thank you enough for taking charge of getting the house ready for sale. We have sold many homes and have never had a realtor pay as much constant attention to ours as you did. It is difficult to manage a sale from across the country, so your presence on site and working as much as you did in guiding us as to what needed to be done, helping find some wonderful workmen and also visiting the house to help solve some other problems as they arose was nothing short of Herculean. By the time we arrived from North Carolina, we had more of a holiday preparing to say good bye to Marin and our home than having to do any work. So thank you. Also, the strategic guidance you provided turned out to be spot on and while things looked dicey from time to time, you really held it all together including managing the other realtor superbly. Because you made so many visits to the house and were so on top of everything, you were able to negotiate well for us and this was crucial to seeing the sale through. The other thing that was so impressive was how well you anticipated what was going to happen and seemed to always be prepared before you needed to react. Bravo. I also was very thankful for your organizational and communication skills which helped keep us current and stay out of the way of hindering the sale, as our house here was running us crazy with details in the build. As the owner/builder here, I could not have kept it all together without you. Thank you for being so available by phone and email and for nudging me at the right times to get the documents returned and for making it so simple to do so. Gotta love docu-sign! Finally, and most importantly, we felt so comfortable throughout the process because of your deep sense of integrity and your open honesty in telling us exactly what you thought even when there were times that I was not wanting to hear it!! Everything you shared proved necessary and the values you live by enabled us and the couple who bought our home, to begin new adventures. We loved working with you and please rest assured we will be back in the future should we look for another home in Marin." With deep gratitude,"

Charles  and Stella H 

"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Colleen Frasco during four separate real estate transactions in the past two and a half years. From the purchase of my first condo, to the purchase of a brand new home with my husband, Colleen provided extraordinarily dedicated and un-compromised service to us, sharing with us her experience and knowledge of the real estate business, current market conditions, and providing us with professional guidance and support throughout each process. We have found Colleen to be a consummate professional who demonstrates great confidence in her work. She is very diligent and thorough, and always arrives well prepared and informed. Her personal strength and integrity allows her to provide honest and sound real estate advice. She was always willing to be present for us to provide guidance, skillful negotiation and support through every step of the process, even when it was not required of her. Having her present to represent our best interests is what enabled us to feel confident while making important real estate decisions. We appreciated Colleen’s dependability, drive and motivation. Whether it was during the purchase or sale of a property, she always exceeded our expectations and was instrumental in making each transaction a success. Even during the turmoil that the market was experiencing during the time of our most recent purchase and sale, Colleen was successful in helping us navigate through the difficult time. We take great pride in recommending Colleen Frasco for any real estate transaction or advice."

Mia and Travis G 

"We have really enjoyed getting to know you over the last 6 months. Thank you for being “amazing” through each and every step of the process. We are very excited for you to see the house once we’ve made it “home”"

Emily and Brendon C 

"Thank you so much for all our help with the sale of our new Larkspur house. Our intuition that you were a true professional with a wonderful, open personal manner proved to be more than true. We look forward to working with you again."

Henry and Marie S 

"Thank you so much for being the most patient agent anyone can ever ask for. Your time, professionalism and patience is and has always been so appreciated. You will be forever my most favorite! And you will always have my highest recommendation."

Sherri M 

"We just wanted you to know that we think about you often and continue to feel immense appreciation to you for all the work you did to make our dream home possible. You can’t even imagine how many people compliment our home. It’s so simple yet unique and inviting."

Renee B 

"By the way you are amazing and you can quote me on that. You continue to look after us, months after the house closed?"

Heather K 

I just wanted to apologize for missing your call earlier and to say THANK YOU for everything!

 When Ben and I met you at Spring Grove I just had this feeling that we'd have a great time working together - I'm so glad we decided to get in touch. We both appreciate you taking the time to walk us through everything carefully, to sit on the phone for ages while we mulled over a decision, and to make this exciting but somewhat overwhelming process really enjoyable! 

 We're going to miss talking you so often, but looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.  Thanks again

Alissa and Ben W